Florist in LA

Giving a bouquet or flower box is the best way to show your love to your significant other. We all love to give and receive flowers.  Of course, you want this gift to be of the best, freshest and premium flowers. Because premium flowers are much more pleasant to give, and the recipient is more pleasant to receive them as a gift. Therefore, it is important when choosing a floral bouquet to choose a high quality florist out of hundreds of different ones in Los Angeles. In this short article we want to tell you about our premium flower store, what principles we adhere to in our work, what flowers we use, as well as about our incredible highly skilled florists, each of whom is professionally engaged in assembling floral arrangements for over 5 years.

Pleased to introduce ourselves, our florist store is called Kiss & Roses. Here's what our founder says: "I want to give other people the same kind of romance that I received that day and I arrange flowers with a passion, as though I am arranging them for my 19-year-old self. We make it a point to deliver every bouquet on the very same day it is ordered with a card containing a message for your romantic interest. Also, we only pick the freshest roses so that their amazing fragrances can change your life for the better.

Indeed, the primary mission of our premium florist store in Los Angeles is to bring a smile to our customers. We focus on quality over quantity and we believe that 10 satisfied customers are better than 50 who are unlikely to buy a floral arrangement from us a second time. That is why we pay special attention to our service.

What flowers we offer for delivery?

We have a very large selection of flower bouquets, flower boxes and other flower arrangements for every taste. We started with selling only roses, that's why our store kept such a symbolic name. Here are roses bouquet we can offer for delivery: 100 roses bouquet, dozen roses bouquet, 25 roses bouquet, 50 roses bouquet, 75 roses bouquet, 150 roses bouquet, 200 roses bouquet and even incredible huge 300 roses bouquet! That said, 50, 75, and 100 roses are our separate collection, where you can choose a bouquet of many colors to match your tastes exactly. Separately, we promote our best-selling 100 roses bouquet. If you need rose delivery in LA - you've come to the right place. We will be happy to assemble a fragrant floral bouquet of premium flowers for you.

Why can you trust us?

Our delivery is noted as one of the fastest flower deliveries in Los Angeles. We are happy to live up to this status and therefore offer same day flower delivery (if ordered before noon). Our courier will gladly deliver your flowers directly to your home or to the recipient's home, whose contacts you specify. We will take into account even the smallest wishes, you will be happy with our service and work of our professional florists. We appreciate your trust!

What flowers we offer for delivery? We sell burgundy flowers, red, pink, pink, beige, white, lilac, blue, sandy, blue, purple flowers. If you choose a certain type of flowers, we offer: hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, daisies, roses peonies, sunflowers, orchids, ranunculus, lisianthus, lilies, lilacs, dahlias, irises, tulips, carnations. We have a wide range of flowers to any taste, you can make sure of it - just order our daily flower delivery. Kiss & Roses Flower Shop staff is ready to pick for you fragrant flower bouquets and flower boxes of different kinds of flowers or one flower every day.