Buy Premium Rose Arrangements in Los Angeles

Flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion. Every person in the world, you can be sure, loves flowers. Especially if we are talking about premium and fragrant floral arrangements in the form of bouquets or in beautiful flower boxes. Lucky for you, Kiss & Roses, a premium flower store, offers the best floral arrangements in all of Los Angeles and California. Treat yourself or your significant other to a premium flower bouquet now! (Or schedule delivery on a specific date)

Our Story

Want to hear about how our Kiss & Roses flower store got started? Our creator tells us how the idea for a flower store came about:

"Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth. I have loved roses since I was a child, and it has always been my dream to have my own flower garden. My boyfriend, Christian, gave me a bouquet of 100 roses for my 19th birthday. After that, we had our first kiss. Okay, maybe the scent of roses has that effect on me, but it feels as though our love blossomed with the roses. 11 years later, Christian and I are still together, and we reminisce over those roses and our first kiss every single day. Those roses laid the foundation for our love and our family business.

Now, we have our own flower shop, which we have named Kiss & Roses. I want to give other people the same kind of romance that I received that day and I arrange flowers with a passion, as though I am arranging them for my 19-year-old self.

That's how our flower boutique was created.