Buy Flowers From Top Florist in LA

We all love to give and receive flowers. Giving a bouquet or flower box is the best way to show your love to your significant other. Of course, you want this gift to be of the best, freshest and premium flowers. Because premium flowers are much more pleasant to give, and the recipient is more pleasant to receive them as a gift. Therefore, it is important when choosing a floral bouquet to choose a high quality florist out of hundreds of different ones in Los Angeles. In this article, we will tell you about us and why our florist store is the best in LA.

How was the Kiss & Roses store created?

Our flower store is called Kiss & Roses and we gave it the name for a reason. The name of the creator of the floral boutique in Los Angeles is Elizabeth. And here is her story about how she came up with the idea to create Kiss & Roses Flower Store:

"I have loved roses since I was a child, and it has always been my dream to have my own flower garden. My boyfriend, Christian, gave me a bouquet of 100 roses for my 19th birthday. After that, we had our first kiss. Okay, maybe the scent of roses has that effect on me, but it feels as though our love blossomed with the roses. 11 years later, Christian and I are still together, and we reminisce over those roses and our first kiss every single day. Those roses laid the foundation for our love and our family business.

Now, we have our own flower shop, which we have named Kiss & Roses. I want to give other people the same kind of romance that I received that day and I arrange flowers with a passion, as though I am arranging them for my 19-year-old self. We make it a point to deliver every bouquet on the very same day it is ordered with a card containing a message for your romantic interest. Also, we only pick the freshest roses so that their amazing fragrances can change your life for the better."

How are we better than other florists?

Why do we call ourselves Top Florist in LA? We have a wide assortment of flowers and they are all kept in the best conditions using new flower preservation techniques. So our flowers can keep you happy for much longer than if you bought a floral arrangement at another florist boutique. We provide fully customizable service. You can add any details to your order at your discretion. When you add an item to your cart you can choose standard options, or discuss special requests with our florists by indicating them in the comments when ordering. You can add incredibly beautiful orchids to our mono bouquets. Almost all bouquets and flower boxes have different sizes - Standard, Deluxe and Premium so you can choose the size individually.

We provide same day delivery service if you place your order by a certain time. We only have fresh cut flowers. All of our bouquets are made with love. Our courier will deliver fresh flowers as fast as possible. Or you can pick up your order directly from our store!

With love, Kiss & Roses Flower Shop